Solos Fine Jewellery (SOLOS) is an American-owned jewelry manufacturer based in Jaipur, India, which produces semi-precious gemstone and rough mineral jewelry set in 95% pure silver. We handcraft each piece from our own small family-run factory. SOLOS has been producing quality jewelry for over ten years with clients in Europe, America, Australia, and India.


Jaipur is the heart of the world’s gemstone industry with an incredible collection of raw minerals and rough stones coming in from around the world for processing. By positioning the company in Jaipur, SOLOS enjoys the best selection of gems and cutting styles. Some estimate 90% of the world’s gems come through Jaipur to be cut and polished.


SOLOS prides itself on its unique designs, combining natural rough stones, fossils, and crystalline minerals so that each piece is not just a piece of jewelry but also a piece of art, an interesting story of collectible gemstones assembled by some of the world’s finest artisans whose families have been creating jewelry for generations.


SOLOS jewelry combines the art of nature and the creative skills of these artisans to produce alluring gemstone arrangements in the form of rings, necklaces, earrings, and bracelets. The silver that goes into production of the Solos jewelry range is made from 95% pure silver purchased in India and combined with 5% pure copper imported from Germany. Thus is created SOLOS hallmarked 95% silver jewelry.


SOLOS jewelry has a wide range of international customers and has appeared numerous times in magazines, such as Elle, Cosmopolitan, L’Officiel, Society, and in Vogue India and Vogue Australia.


SOLOS jewelry


My Story

My story begins in the Houston, Texas where I was born to an American father and a Dutch mother. I always had an intense interest in stones but was also greatly inspired by my mother, an adventurous woman, who would drive us over the border on a regular basis to explore the quaint city of Guanajuato, surrounded by silver mines. It is in these silver mines that I bought my first stones. Our journeys over the border continued to multiply and eventually expanded to the Mexican silver capital of Taxco where we began buying silver to sell in the United States.


Numerous trips to Taxco were the beginning of a a long-lasting fascination with this intriguing silver haven. I decided to establish myself there as permanent resident. At this point in time, I was still only a stone enthusiast with a passion for getting my hands on as many unusual stones  and gemstones .as I could find. Little did I know that this passion for stones would further ignite and propel me into the world of custom-handmade  Sterling Silver Jewelry.


But first I had to make a living in this silver town. I proceeded to open a restaurant called Fresco (Fresh). Chef by day, artist by night, I dreamed about and dabbled with the idea of someday becoming a jewelry maker and so began educating myself as much as I could about silver and stones. My knowledge rapidly grew along with my passion for finding the most unusual rough raw gemstones.


A taste also grew for surrounding myself with the marginale, artists, and other unconventional individuals who could feed my imagination and increase my consciousness about the hidden treasures of the world. A desire to create only the highest quality products with the most unique gemstones was thus born and my reputation and circle of friends grew.


My restaurant Fresco became somewhat of a nexus ground for many mayoristas (wholesalers). Who were scouting the region, these men and women showed me on a regular basis the unique world of stones, further whetting my appetite for gemstones and setting my passion into motion.


One day I meet a woman named Jacqui Webster from London. She tells me that I should go to the world’s gem capital  Jaipur India for stones. She instructs me in how to find a hotel called the Evergreen, and that there I would find the jewelry artists of the world buying and selling.


I sold my restaurant and my van, bought a plane ticket and never looked back. In July of 2001, I arrived in Jaipur and stationed myself at the Evergreen. There in the mythical Evergreen, I met my future beautiful Indian wife Meenakshi, where we lived for two years.


As with many artists, I did well in Arts in school but had no formal education on the subject of creating jewelry.  The world has been my mentor and I have been its willing student traveling to over 26 countries in search of stones. Like many risk takers  I left the coziness of a workaday job for the unpredictable world of artists and entrepreneurs.


I’m proud to say it was worth the gamble, as I am now an established name in the world of custom-handmade jewelry, Along with my wife, Meenakshi Horowitz, an art student from New Delhi, who now leads our design team. Her ideas coupled with Arnold’s rare, unusual, and collectible stones have combined to create a truly unique design team producing some of the most unique jewelry in Jaipur.